Blackjack Game Tips
In online blackjack Community primacy in popularity among card games. This can partly be explained by the high payout percentages , but many players initially attracts a large variety of interesting online game options. One of the unique and even complex options blackjack - blackjack switch (English Switch), where players are allowed to change the maps of the two active arms. This option gives the player an entirely new opportunities and interesting experience, incomparable with other variants of blackjack or other casino games. Despite the relatively small popularity, blackjack switch is always available at online casinos. In this embodiment, the game rules differ significantly from traditional blackjack rules. And while learning how to play the switch is not difficult to become a true master of the game will not be easy. But it's worth the cost: the game will be able to compensate for your efforts and passion win.

Once players decide for themselves whether they should make an exchange or not, the game is played as usual. From this point on both the player's hands are considered completely independent and played as if the player chooses separation paired cards. However, if the winning combination is appropriate, then both hands can be separated. After a player finishes his game on each hand, and the dealer determines its payments are made.
In order to equalize their chances with a player's chances of winning blackjack casino pays one to one, instead of 3 to 2, as in standard versions. In addition, the dealer does not bust is considered a defeat, if a player is not on the hands of blackjack.

As before, choose a site to play blackjack should be with the most winning for themselves the rules. The rules that we have listed in the article, are not mandatory standard for all sites and each casino can modify them in one direction or another. Always check the rules before playing blackjack switch in order to select the best strategy.
Other rules for choosing a site for the game remain valid: check recommendations casino site, avoid the casino with a bad reputation because of possible fraud. Blackjack switch - one of the most difficult types of games because of the absence of definite winning strategy. Simple use the basic strategy of blackjack is usually not beneficial and may reduce your chances of winning by 5%.

It seems that the decision to change or not to accept the card easily, but in fact the right decision may not be evident. Most players will try to strengthen the one hand, but it is not always beneficial. Given the payments sometimes be split blackjack if the dealer hands are weak. In general, the best way to become a master - remember this table of probabilities for the game switch, which is substantially different from that of traditional blackjack.

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