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Most likely, the progressive jackpot - one of the most attractive features of online casinos. When it becomes indecent programming large online casinos are delighted winner - it's additional advertising their site. So what are the progressive jackpots? In the progressive jackpot has several sources of income, and gets all the lucky one. A plurality of slot machines casinos deduct a certain percentage of the progressive jackpot, so the latter is constantly growing in size. You understand that the jackpot with one machine and hit the jackpot from several dozen cars - two different things. In fairness it should be noted that in the slot with a progressive jackpot payout table more modest than in the slots without the jackpot, because part of the money will be deducted in the progressive jackpot and thus not involved in the formation of the total payments.

But for most players, this difference is not significant compared with the chance to rip a huge jackpot, which is the one-two-three could change life for the better!
There is a difference between themselves and progressive jackpots. There are three types of slots. The first type is called In-House . Its essence is that it is controlled by one particular online casino and is formed by the slot machines or casino this casino several associates. Thus, the amount of In-House jackpot depending on the number of slots in which it is invested. The second type of progressive jackpot - Stand Alone Progressive - perhaps not as attractive as the previous one.

This progressive jackpot is not formed by a certain percentage of the turnover of other machines. He has a particular accounting system: the player gets a little less on the usual payments to have a chance to break a big jackpot with really big money.
But the biggest progressive jackpots are accumulated by the system Wide Area. Scheme of his work was. There are plenty of different online casinos, united into a single network, and they deduct from each drum rotation slot specified amount in one progressive jackpot.

Thus, the formation of the progressive jackpot has been an independent operator and money it can come even from rival online casinos. The largest network of online casinos such as Microgaming, accumulating jackpots size of several million dollars, which periodically gets the occasional lucky.
Become a winner, tore a huge jackpot, everyone can! The left side of our pages in real-time information is displayed on the largest progressive jackpots. Choose the best of them, play, and, perhaps, you will be the proud owner of a tidy sum!

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