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Poker - card game in which the winner is the one who has the best card combination. The deck of 52 cards from deuce to Ace of all four suits. Each new dealer who comes to play with you, brings with unmade deck by suit and shows it to you, so that you can verify the presence of all the cards. Before dealing the deck is shuffled (shuffle done) in a specific pattern. Single scheme to shuffle poker casino determines administration.

If you want to play, you need to bet on boxing with the inscription "Ante". You can play in one or more boxes (depending on the type of Poker).
In this case, you must look at the cards on the ground first (mostly) in the course of distribution box, make a decision, and then on the second. The dealer gives each playing box and himself five cards. Cards are dealt one by one from left to right and put on a table in the "closed". The last card is the dealer face up. After distributing Guest looks at his cards and assess their strength and make further decisions on the game.

If you are satisfied with the combination, you are indicating your game bet on "BET". The dealer then compares your combination with his, and if you win, you are paid winnings according to following table. Your winnings are paid, provided that the dealer's "Ace-King" and up (depending on type of card game). And if the dealer "No Games", then you just pay the ANTE bet 1 to 1.
If you do not like the combination, you can change the 1,2,3,4,5 or buy the 6th and then another to exchange it for the rules of this type of poker and bet some in it.

If you have a combination of "triplets" or more, or is the probability of obtaining such, you can insure it from the 'No dealer "(and depending on the type of poker), notifying the dealer, the minimum rate of BET, the maximum bid amount of the expected payoff. In the case when the dealer has "no game" insurance benefits and pays 1:1 if the dealer "is a game" and she is older YOUR insurance YOU returns if the combination of the dealer under YOUR then loses insurance.

If the dealer does not qualify, then you can buy it (depending on the type of poker). Bid for "Future" (only in the casino) if bought card of the same value that was, and does not form a combination, the dealer is free for you change it, and so three times, if the game can not be bought, the ante is not paid.
In the case of the same combination of dealer and your prevailing party is determined by the highest card, not included in the combination, if all the cards included in the combination of the same, declared "STAND OFF", your bet on the box does not lose and not win.

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