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If you ask when and who invented the roulette table, you probably will not hear a clear answer, and researchers of the gambling still can not determine the version of its origin. Legends associated with the origin stories roulette lot and each deserves attention. Some believe that the roulette as a game of chance to have originated in ancient China, where instead of a modern mechanical wheel used its stone counterpart, but instead of numbers - images of sacred animals. Disprove this theory advocates Dominican origin roulette sure that this game came up with Dominican monks. And on their terms is depicted figures, not animals. In refutation of this, proponents of the Chinese version of the origin of the game claim that the Dominican monks simply stole the idea from the Chinese, replacing animal figures to simplify the creation of stone and understanding of the game.

However, more likely, it could be argued that the prototype of the modern roulette was created in France. After all, France
was the only country where the establishment roulette prototype was officially documented. But it is believed that the creation of this game of chance is in the middle of the XIX century, to assert that the French were the first to not be too sure. One of the most popular legends is the story of the famous physicist and mathematician Blaise Pascal. It is known that he was interested in devices and appliances perpetual motion. History has it that Pascal, creating something endlessly fascinated by moving, in 1655 created a mechanical device that was able to rotate neglecting gravity and friction.

But the following story exactly true, since it is based on
proven facts. So in the XIX century French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc created a prototype of the modern roulette, and, unlike previous versions, it added additional sector - zero. By the way, fans of mysticism and diabolism believe that the eldest of the brothers, Francois made a deal with the devil, giving his soul in exchange for worldwide fame, wealth and hidden knowledge of roulette. It is therefore the sum of the numbers on the roulette rooms is 666, also known as the "number of the beast" and "the number of the devil." And it's not just a coincidence, but a sign of the destructiveness of this invention. Almost immediately, the device has become a popular French brothers in all casinos in Europe and the United States. Although, in the U.S. it is horrible, with some modifications, and that was the subsequent division of roulette. Device brothers Blank was named "King of all casino games" (Casino games King), and the brothers themselves got a lot of money for his invention. Later, Francois Blanc founded the world's first casino in Monte Carlo, where today is European, and even global, center gambling industry, comparable only to that of Las Vegas.

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