European Blackjack Game
Blackjack and was formerly one of the most popular games in the casino, but in recent years, largely due to online gambling, its popularity has increased even more. One reason for the growing attention to the blackjack players - is a lot of interesting varieties of the game. Most versions of the game is based on either the European or the American version. Both types of blackjack are very popular among the players, but in Europe, as expected, playing mainly in Europe. Below we address the most popular sites where you can play in European blackjack for money.

The difference between European and American blackjack small. Nevertheless, even this small difference in the rules may require players to significant differences in the choice of strategy in the game.
The main difference between the European version of the U.S. blackjack is that there is no so-called European enclosed card. In American blackjack dealer deals himself two cards, one opens, one face down. If the dealer shows an ace himself, then immediately opens and a second hole card. If the dealer's second card is "twenty-one", the game immediately ends his victory and he collects all the players' bets.

In the European version dealer discovers only one card and then leases the players as usual. And only after the players will have their last word, he takes himself a second card. Again, if the dealer gets blackjack, he wins and collects all players' bets. Thus lose ace dealer as soon as it happens in the U.S. blackjack, European blackjack variant is impossible. However, you can protect yourself.

When selecting a site for the game in European Blackjack pay attention to the rules of the game. Despite the fact that most online gambling sites are in Europe, the U.S. version of the game is very popular, so even on the European online blackjack game can go on American rules. Different rules require different strategies, choose the most familiar and comfortable for themselves the rules in order to increase their chances of winning the maximum. However, most of the known sites are pleased to offer you a choice of two versions of the game.

As we said, the difference in the rules of the American and European blackjack small. However, in the American version of the player from the beginning will know what are the odds on a blackjack dealer, so will be able to double or more boldly share their bets. In the European version of the risk of losing their extra stakes are much higher, respectively, the player behaves careful when doubling and separation rates. Otherwise there is no difference in strategy: a common tactic and method of counting cards emerged bring equally good result.

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